About Us

Personally Delivered.
No 3rd Parties. Ever.

Paul’s Aquatics, LLC. Est. 2021

Christina and Tony
Simon The Silver Dollar
Paul’s Aquatics, LLC. ©2021

“We’re just regular hobbyists, turned business people;
-changing the future of what it means to be the Local Fish Store.”

We are a local-delivery aquatic supplier serving the Western Twin Cities. It is our pleasure to be offering our community this industry-first in the name of reinventing the Local Fish Store with some new tricks and technologies. The global pandemic slowed down our original plans, but that’s how we became a delivery service. Our goal is brick-and-mortar, but we will never stop our delivery service and we will always be-

Minnesota’s Local Fish Store; Delivered.

FAQ: “But WAIT! Which one of you is Paul?”