Frequently Asked Questions

What is your delivery radius?

We hand-deliver to locations in Hennepin County, Ramsey County, and SW Anoka County(pictured below). Addresses in Dayton/Rogers, south of 394, and east of 35W are subject to a $7.99 delivery fee to keep local delivery services solvent.

We also now ship orders through national couriers to the rest of the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii.

Our delivery radius is set by zip codes so speak to us directly if you are having trouble placing your order based on your shipping address.
Twin Cities Local deliveries do not go out any sooner than 5pm CST.

Radius subject to expansion, just like <insert name of big-time 3rd party delivery app here>.
Although if we tell you that we deliver to your area, we mean it. Our website might not always agree, but we’ll do our best to make sure the zip codes of our entire delivery radius are included and charged correctly.

At the moment, if you are outside of our zone you can have your order shipped. Your order may arrive through couriers such as FedEx, UPS, or The United States Postal Service.

Delivery takes 3-4 days. Expedited shipping times during the winter may be necessary and subject to an extra charge.

**The delivery fee is subject to changes.

“I’m not going to be home at particular hours of the day, what should I do?”

Be sure to leave a comment in your order details about the best hours for us to stop by or call to give us a heads up. We more than happy to leave your order somewhere safe on your property if you didn’t order anything perishable or temperature sensitive(‘potential exceptions may include’) like livestock(no exceptions), plants(only on temperate days. Not too hot, not too cold), frozen food(only in the dead of winter), or TurboStart(only on days below 50°F[10°C] and above 32°F[0°C]). We want to do everything we can to appropriately handle the perishable products we deliver to you so we will not drop off any order without your confirmation- whether at your address, in your order details, or over the phone.

We don’t charge a restocking fee for no-shows, but your delivery fees(including tip) will not be refunded.
We’re more than happy to try and deliver a second time, but you will be charged again for delivery if we have already been to your address and returned to home base. No fee if we’re still in your area.

Do you take pickup orders/could I stop by your location?

Not exactly, but sort of. What you can do is set a SHIPPING ADDRESS for a shopping center or other commercial location to meet us at. Be sure to include the time you will be there in your order details and pick a location in Osseo/Maple Grove (specifically a 55369 or 55311 location) so that you don’t have to pay for delivery because Osseo/Maple Grove-based orders are always FREE DELIVERY.

Our current address is residential and is legally public information. While we encourage every avenue of communication(call/text/chat), because of Maple Grove zoning and licensing, we ask that you do not meet us at our physical address unless there was prior permission or request by management staff.

We’re just two regular people. Please don’t intrude on our home.
We’re a delivery company so it will always be our pleasure going to you!

We will expand to offering “Buy Online, Pickup In-Store” when we eventually move to a commercial address.

We fully intend to prove that small-business e-commerce has more than enough ability to remain ethical and competitive next to 3rd Party delivery companies and big-box e-commerce marketplaces.

What is your current return policy?

Any bottled chemicals and non-perishable dry good must be unopened and scheduled for return within 30 days of purchase.

Livestock may be returned with 8oz water sample within 14 days. Exceptions may apply, but more than likely exceptions made to the benefits of your purchase.

Hardscape materials must be returned within 14 days of purchase.

FritzZyme TurboStart is perishable and leaving it out of the fridge for any more than an hour or two could effect it’s shelf life. We deliver with coolers and travel fridges to protect TurboStart on the journey to your fish room.
*All TurboStart sales are final; no returns. *Obvious exceptions may apply.

You have the option of freely returning the goods on your next order otherwise all return order trips cost a $5.99 flat fee that is deducted from your return total. By placing an order you accept this policy as a part of Terms & Conditions. Although, I may refer you to the previous FAQ about coming to our address “with prior permission” and with that permission we may be willing to waive the return delivery fee if you return the products on your own means.

What time do you close at night/what’s the hardline for orders?

Like a restaurant, we have to “close the kitchen” and make sure we take care of all sitting patrons without spreading ourselves too thin; especially to avoid keeping customers and employees waiting on orders well past midnight.

We presently ‘close the kitchen’ at 9:35pm CST daily. That being said, this isn’t a kitchen and if you’re close enough and we’re slow enough then you might still have a chance to get your order same-day. Otherwise it will be out for delivery at noon if you place an order later than 9:35pm. Regardless of what happens, we will notify you. We are also still at the control center, answering calls and messages up to and even well past 10pm CST. If orders are out on the road, we are still here to answer the phone and respond to messages. Plus we’re not exactly a mega-corporation so we can be a little bit more fluid and we may just have the resources to help you fast in a late night fish emergency. The true goal is to eventually offer a 10pm CST hardline close because we came up with this business to answer to one of our own needs. A need for fish supplies later at night when we’d forgotten all the stores closed at 8pm.

I’m in Bloomington and it’s 5pm, how long until my order shows up?

We will do the absolute best we can to trudge through the rush hour traffic, but it will most definitely delay how quickly your order is delivered. We are still presently testing the waters to get a more accurate time quote for these hours, but those that regularly commute this traffic know, the 494/35W junction is a parking lot. Normally we try to batch our order as they go for delivery to achieve a delivery model with peak efficiency with as massive of a local delivery zone as we have.

Orders south of 394 may experience induced delays in order to assure timely delivery for everyone ordering in the Southwest Metro and St.Paul during the evening rush hour. If this occurs, you will be notified.

Why aren’t you open on November 9th or 10th?

These days are birthday and anniversary of the death of our business patriarch. As you may have figured out somewhere along the way, neither of us are the Paul. We observe these days to remember him; as a good neighbor and a good father. Feel free to drop us a message, but we will not be packing or delivering orders on these two days, annually.

WHO is ‘the’ Paul of Paul’s Aquatics?

Paul Anthony Lee was a neighbor to one and a father to the other. Paul was an aquarist long before his son was born; a true Englishman at heart. He was a man of many tactile hobbies; model building, stamp/coin collecting, a known railfan, but there were always aquariums. Read more…