Bacopa caroliniana ‘Yellow Flame’


VERY easy to propagate, grows relatively fast with heavy light.

NO CO2 REQUIRED; still grows like a weed.

Current available product was propagated in-house.


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Bacopa caroliniana ‘Yellow Flame’ is a US/South Korean native and has pretty thick leaves with an interesting bronze coloration. A plant that can bloom small blue flowers at the surface, although sometimes while fully immersed in water. Our favorite quality of this plant that we’ve noticed is that it changes color daily. They start out with a bit of that apple-red bronze in the morning and are typically completely green by the end of the day. We’ve found this to be a sign that the plant is responding well to it’s environment. We highly recommend this plant to anyone looking for an easy going plant you can just forget about.

DOES NOT NEED CO²! Will grow monstrously large if you infuse CO² with this plant. Responds best to root fertilization overall. When trimming, trim to the point you want the new growth to start because it will probably spawn two or more new shoots from where you prune the plant. Always recommend having this plant’s roots in a good substrate. Granted, it will survive as a free floating plant (as seen here), but it does better with proper nourishment and physical stability.

As of 12/21/23, we have been experimenting with a terrestrial bog grow of Bacopa caroliniana. Would be good for a terrarium/paludarium/vivarium setup. We imagine growing it in a paludarium while being partially submerged will cause the plant to bloom. We have only seen it bloom when it’s over grown it’s tanks and starts becoming emersed. Watch this video of some we pulled out of a garbage scraps tank. Was doing absolutely peachy even compared to Ambulia. Click here to watch the video on YouTube!
Info from Dustin’s Fishtanks: “( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible) Bacopa caroliniana ‘Yellow Flame’ is a 2. (It takes a second to reestablish because of it’s thicker stem)”