Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea zenkeri ‘Red’)


Toughest red plant you will ever grow. If there’s decent light, it will always grow. These bulbs live through anything it seems like

Prune it BALD, Red Tiger Lotus always bounces back strong.

Grown in Minnesota water

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Red Tiger Lotus prefers lots of light, will take medium, does not thrive well in low light. Responds best to root fertilization; wakes them up out of a dead sleep. Place it anywhere from the foreground to the background, but be sure to be on top of trimming if you place it closer to the front of your aquascape. They will starve other plants for light if they’re thriving. On the flip side, they can also starve algae from light so it’s a great plant to use if you need lose some light penetration, but not intensity.

Paul’s Aquatics House Special

Scientific name Nymphaea zenkeri

At PAq, we like to use the Red Tiger Lotus as a planted tank litmus plant, meaning we’ll plant these bulbs to see if our tanks are ready for plants. If they sprout, you’re ready for plants.

These will take A LOT of abuse and still survive…somehow. If the bulb still sinks, it’s probably still alive. If the leaves are growing green before they’ve reached the surface of the water then they probably need more light.

Prefer the red underwater leaves? Just trim them as soon as they reach the surface and turn green, won’t hurt it. Trim it bald, it doesn’t care much. Another plant with a very “Hydra” response to being pruned. And remember, if leaves will turn greener underwater, then the Tiger Lotus don’t have access to enough light. They should always be a bright shade of wine red when they’re healthy.

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