Return Policy

FritzZyme® TurboStart® is perishable and leaving it out of refridgeration for any more than an hour or two would definitely effect it’s shelf life. We deliver with coolers and travel fridges to properly protect TurboStart® all the way to your fish room. ALL TurboStart® sales are final. No exchanges, no returns.

Non-perishable goods must be unopened and may be returned within 30 days of purchase for full-refund.
60 days for store credit.

Hardscape materials must be returned within 14 days of purchase. Must be in unopened packaging(if any) and must not have been submerged in water.

Plants & Livestocklatest return stage is upon delivery(hand them back to your driver), otherwise only 10 day DOA exchange (5 days on plants).

A 100ml water sample is mandatory to complete any plant or livestock exchanges.

Products damaged before delivery will always be replaced or compensated for ASAP.

Re-delivery is a $6 fee. (only applies to same-day)

We do not charge a fee for no-shows, but your delivery fees(including tip) will not be refunded.
We’re more than happy to try and deliver a second time, but you will be charged again for delivery.

You have the free option of returning goods to your driver on your next order; otherwise all return orders that we go out to pickup cost the re-delivery fee and it is deducted from your return total, obviously excluding any previously stated exceptions.

This fee is strictly for keeping delivery services solvent and accessible so we appreciate your understanding.

By placing any orders, you accept this policy as a part of Terms & Conditions.

Shipped Orders Return Policy and Procedures

These procedures apply specifically to orders sent and received through national couriers such as the United States Postal Service or FedEx. Refer to our FAQ for more information.

❗️ We strongly recommend snapping some photos of your plants as soon as they arrive and again the day after you’ve planted them. This crucial step ensures that if any issues arise with your plants, we can accurately diagnose the problem and expedite any necessary advice, replacements or refunds. Water sample is still required to complete returns on shipped orders.
Let’s keep your aquarium thriving together! 🌱😊

Return and Exchange Policy for Shipped Orders:

  • Non-Refundable Shipping Fees: Be aware that shipping fees are not refundable. Costs incurred from returning a product will be covered by us only in cases leading to a refund—not for exchanges.
  • Orders may be cancelled free of charge before business hours. Some orders requesting refund may be subject to restocking fees if order is packaging phase; you will receive e-mail confirmation when this starts. Orders that have shipped out are subject to the rest of these policies.
  • Aquarium Supplies: Dry products may be exchanging/refunded if they are not to your liking, but all packaging must be present, bottles/perishables unopened. Customer pays return shipping fee. Damaged items will be replaced free of charge in accordance with the rest of this policy. (Python Products25ft&50ft/all Mag-Floats will only be eligible for exchange if packaging has been opened and product is not defective. They may be covered by warranties from their manufacturers that we do not service.)
  • Live Plants are Final Sale: All purchases of live plants are final. These items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.
  • Exchanges for Damaged or Defective Items:
    1. We offer exchanges if the item received has suffered damage during shipping.
    2. We also accommodate exchanges for any live plants demonstrating defects in packaging or physical condition, specifically those that do not meet quality growth standards or show signs of long-term growth defects.
      (i.e. leggy, yellowing etc.)
  • Commitment to Quality: If any live plants do not meet our quality standards, we are committed to replacing them to ensure you receive only the best.
  • Inclement Weather: We here at Paul’s Aquatics will do everything we can to keep your plants safe on their way to the couriers, but sometimes our our best won’t be good enough. We won’t cover all climate damage, but we will work with you to see what we can do. If we suspect inclement weather may impact your order, we may contact you in advance to see if we can send your order at a safer time. Recommendations could include refunding your order if we don’t believe they will make it intact. This does not guarantee that we will be able to catch every potential freeze/heat wave that could harm your plants, but we will do the best we can to ensure that the seasons don’t damage your order.